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Most people would agree that massage is relaxing. It's even better when it's able to relieve some of your discomforts.

Cranial Sacral work can ease allergy and sinus congestion. It's excellent for those who suffer from frequent headaches, migraines and eye strain. By reducing tension in the cranium more blood flow is able to go to and from your brain. This can help improve mental clarity and increase physical performance; a great benefit for athletes.

Strain Counterstrain is great for quickly relieving neck, back, hip pain along with frozen shoulder syndrome. Strain Counterstrain uses gentle techniques that help increase your range of motion and alleviate pain while keeping you in a position of greatest comfort.

Structural Integration based Deep Tissue does wonders for improving posture and relieving pain in the back, neck, hips and knees. This approach looks at the body as a whole and targets the cause of the pain with deep tissue massage, not necessarily the painful areas. 

Swedish massage is very relaxing and soothing for over worked muscles. It uses lots of gliding, kneading and percussive movements to relax the body.

Pregnancy Massage is wonderful for easing the aches and pains during this time of rapid change within the body. I often bring all the above techniques together with the use of the gliding kneading strokes of Swedish massage. Receiving a massage can help lower stress levels and improve your overall state of mind and body. Which can better equip you to be the super mom you already are.


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*A Billed Massage Session does not qualify for the payment at the time of service discount that is figured into the service rates listings.

Billed Massage Session*$30 / 15 minutes
Chair Massage$15 / 15 minutes
In Office Massage Session$40 / 30 minutes
In Office Massage Session $70 / 60 minutes
In Office Massage Session $95 / 90 minutes
On-Site Massage$90 / 60 minutes
On-Site Massage$115 / 90 minutes
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