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When I was a kid I had a rather anxious friend that I used to spend a considerable amount of time with. We often had sleepovers where we wouldn't fall asleep until late and usually not until we took turns massaging each others backs, necks, scalps and sometimes feet. What I realize now is that we each needed massage in slightly different ways. She needed it to help her relax and let go of some of her worries. I enjoyed receiving massage work too, but what I also needed was the mental calm I got from focusing my mind and body on something I felt was important, my friend.

I had taken some time off from massage when I was pregnant with my first child. After she was born I discovered how much energy and time babies need. I also became pregnant again within 5 months. The year after my second child was born was a period of even greater adjustment. Around the time my second child turned 15 months old I had a dream. In this dream I was buying some new sheets for my massage table and I stopped and asked myself, What are you doing? You've hardly been practicing, can you really justify buying supplies for something you're not doing? Are you really going to keep renewing your licenses and taking all those continuing education classes? I woke from that dream feeling that the questions had been asked and it was time to make a decision...I can't walk away from massage. In massage I've discovered so many modalities that have the potential to positively effect the lives of everyone around me. With my girls happily unlatching from me and wanting time with their Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa I found myself thinking more and more about starting my massage practice. The time was right to begin establishing a practice centered around relaxation and healing. My goal is to provide you the best massage possible by utilizing the many modalities I’ve been trained in. Each massage is tailored to your specific concerns.


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